meet Sam

i aM truly A child at heart

As a little girl, my mother told me that I posed everywhere I went, whether there was a camera around or not.  As a young girl, I had the dream of being a model.  Though, at 16 I realized that dream was not at all likely at a whopping 5'2", but I still loved making art and photography, so I tried my hand on the other side of the camera and I've never put it down since.  Though I RARELY ever take a selfie unless it's with my phone sitting in my car, I strive to go above and beyond to give my clients and friends the absolute most beautiful images they can imagine to document and cherish their lives. 
A little about me: I am finally engaged to the man of my dreams after 12 years of waiting.  I am mom to a beautiful, sweet, monster of a little man and a crazy cat mom to the fluffiest, blue eyed balinese.  I am obsessed with Harry Potter (I've read/listened to it At Least 12x). I'm a huge bookworm, though with how much I drive and how busy I stay, it's 99.9% audiobooks now. I have over 7 Disney stations on my Pandora. Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day. I love fitness when I have the time for it, but I also really like food... so I struggle. Ha!  I talk to my Mom every day.  I work at the best chiropractic office in Fargo and spend most nights after putting my tiny man down to sleep, editing until 2 am. Though I wouldn't trade any of it.  One of my favorite past times is sitting down with Kyle on a Sunday evening and just drawing on him for hours. I love football. I love inspirational quotes and sitting by my heater wrapped in a blanket with a hot cup of cocoa.  I hate ice and would rather drink pop warm than out of the fridge.  Halloween and Christmas are my favorite Holidays!  I look for beauty in everything I see and I take Way too many snaps of my son and cat. :D 
If any of this rang a bell with you, I would love to meet you and learn your little quirks as well.  Send me a Hello with something silly about yourself! Thanks all!


Pay attention to your details, because I sure will be. Get your rings cleaned the day before your wedding. Buy a special hanger for your wedding dress. Have all of your detail items set to the side for me to start capturing first thing when I arrive. And, try to make sure that where ever you want to get into your dress is empty of clutter. 


Incorporating things into your wedding that show who you are in real life, makes your wedding more memorable and fun. Some of my favorites have included their pets of course. Their Harley. Quarter-million dollar combines from their farm. Race cars. Family Heirlooms. Favorite Sports team gear, etc. 


Your dress is AMAZING and I can not wait to take pictures of it on the hanger and on you.  But, don't let little things like the bottom of your dress potentially getting dirty for example, upset you.  I will hoist that dress to the moon so it does not touch the ground.  It is inevitable by the end of the night however. This is supposed to be the best day of your life.  You are the most Beautiful person in the world on your wedding day. Relax and try not to let little things stress you out.  This is Your day!  You are getting Married to the Love of your Life!  In 20 years- That is what you will remember and cherish. And, I promise I will give you Gorgeous images to remember how spectacular your wedding gown was!


I have only One Rule on the wedding day and that is that NO ONE apart from the Bride, Groom, and myself are allowed at the First Look.  This moment is not for your bridal party, it is not for your parents, it is Only for You!  I apologize to my beautiful mommas in advance that will be mad at me for this.  But, remember that this is probably going to be the Only moment that you get alone the entire day.  You do not want it ruined by cat calls or oohing and awing.  

Advice for your WEDDINg DAY